On the Brink of a Shopbop Sale Weekend

Shopbop Sale Cover

There are weekly sales and then there is the type of sale that launches an entire season - Shopbop is that much anticipated sale that kicks of spring. Synonymous with being "in the know" for what key pieces to snap up before the season officially starts, this is a fashion diva's mecca sale. Wallpaper floral dresses, faux-leather Bermuda shorts, tiered ruffled maxi skirts, strappy sandals and designer clutch bags are making their way into the shopping carts of women across the U.S.. So, what makes this the standout sale of the season? For starters, the sale has a very small window, ending on Sunday, March 8th which makes time of the essence for jumping on the shopping train and scoring your wish list. Even better, the sale also includes up to 25% off full-price styles across the website, which means that you have an incredible selection to select from - even items from the Designer Boutique. Also, Shopbop is owned by Amazon so that they have a great shipping and returns policy. You can shop guilt-free and send back whatever doesn't work. Is it just me, or can a sale item actually look better once it's marked down from full price?







Lace Dress
Denim Jacket
Ruffle Dress
S/S Top (Blush)
Bow Top
Bermuda Shorts
Mid-Rise Straight Jeans
Bermuda Denim Shorts
Denim Shorts
High Rise Straight Jeans
Service Jacket
Combo Shirt Dress
Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

Let's chat about shopping strategy now. First and foremost, assess your closet. What do you need vs. what do you want? Make a list because that will fine tune how you shop within your budget so that you are getting the absolute best prices. Shopbop launches new items daily at around 7:20 a.m., but this is also one of those sales in which the more you purchase, the better the discount gets so ideally you want to have a one shop and done system in place.

Find the way to your heart. Literally. Shopbop has a feature in which you can "heart" items you love. There are so many terrific items to select from and you using hearts ensures that you don't forget what you want most. From there, you can edit down the items that you really want. I also like to sort - by category, price, size and color. For me, it's all about the details and ensuring a great fit so that I can minimize returns and get what I want before the item runs out. Last, make use of the top picks that I'm giving you in this article and also consider cross-referencing with the Our Must-Haves that Shopbop curates on their website. Happy shopping lovelies!

Photo Credits: Alonso Zevallos



Super Denim
Promenade in one shoulder top



Strappy Sandal
Heart Earrings
Rivet Sandals
Strappy Shoes
Mr. Big Mules
Esplar White Sneakers
Staud Bag
Heart Earrings

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