Lessons for Thriving in Life

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Do you feel that you are thriving in life, or do you lean more towards a daily routine, an endless list of tasks and responsibilities? Please understand that you are not alone if you find your life meter reader ticking in the second direction. Many of us struggle to make the mental shift from survival mode to genuinely thriving. Ultimately the difference between the two does come down to the individual’s perspective but know this. Surviving flows out of scarcity, whereas thriving flows out of abundance. Either way, the universe is going to respond to what you transmit. So, as you reflect on what path you’re on, make a conscious choice to reframe what you are striving towards. Consider the following real-life lessons to have a life with purpose.

Be honest with yourself. Knowing yourself, defining your desires, and knowing your “why” can be the hardest or simplest practice depending on you. Turning inward allows you to fall in love with yourself. It’s a process of honestly understanding your purpose, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Doing this also shifts you to prioritize how you need to be loved, acknowledged, secure, and what pursuits are most enjoyable to you so that you build a strong foundation for your survival. That springboard then lets you get ruthless for deciding what habits, people, thoughts, places, things, etc. add or subtract in your desire to thrive. 



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Calm the hustle. Life doesn’t require that you always move at a face pace. You have every right to own your abundance, but don’t get yourself sucked into a numbers game. Stay humble and every day remind yourself that it’s a pleasure to acquire things, but ultimately the most significant experiences are not centered around things. Things won’t fit in the grave with you. Relationships and experiences will remain in your heart always. Strive to go deeper so that you navigate more fluidly between working hard to acquire things that give you pleasure, but also working with structure so that you prioritize time to value those in your life. When you’re work overtakes you so much that it feels hard to get past one moment to the next, remind yourself to hit the pause button. Truly stand still so that you can check-in with yourself. There is no excuse for allowing work to trump self-care and your relationships. Thriving doesn’t require rushing - it requires forward motion. 

Make a budget. Finances are one of the biggest stress triggers. It’s difficult to thrive if you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills. Embrace a new mindset that views financial planning as a checkbox towards mapping your success. No more stressing about what you can and can’t afford, what you should or shouldn’t be spending, and your future. In its most simplified form, think of budgeting as three parts: basic living expenses, savings and extra debt payments, and free-spending. Living on a budget can change your life. There are many tools available to support you in this process. The trickier step is the willpower actually to stick to it once you have it in place. You must be diligent, and if you aren’t, then take a time out to get real about why you are avoiding this. You must release any bad habits or fears regarding abundance. Also, be ruthless about valuing your skill set so that you acquire for yourself roles that will compensate you accordingly. And remember, nothing is permanent. You have to captain your ship so that you steer yourself in the right direction and don’t give more than you receive.

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Listen to your body. Nurture and nourish your precious being. Be mindful of what foods you eat and how your body responds so that all of your organ systems operate in tip-top form. Exercise in ways that are fun to you so that this becomes part of your lifestyle. Meditate daily to connect body, mind, and spirit. Indulge in a massage or any other activity that pampers you routinely and keeps your energy in flow.  

Seize the moment. You only get one shot at this life. Don’t take a second for granted. Be open and continually stretch yourself to learn more, do more, and be more. Fill-up on what you love most. Own your actions for better or worse. Don’t make assumptions about others because you have no idea what it means to walk in their shoes. What works for some might also not work for you, so never take another person’s feedback personally. Decide your values, and then be impeccable to honor them. Say what you feel so that you don’t lock frustration inside of you. Remember that every person that passes through our lives makes a contribution to our life stories. Laugh a lot and surround yourself with those that push you to achieve your goals and cherish you unconditionally. Always remember to be kind, generous of spirit, and impeccable with your word. Keep moving forward with an open heart - play the game of life with everything you’ve got!

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