These Spring Trends Are Already Dominating My Closet

Puffed Shoulders, Square Necklines & Western

I promise I don't mean to tease you with sunshine delights while it's still joy-less January gloom outside but think of this as a radiant reboot to get you inspired because Spring Summer 2019 is going to be such fashion fun. I've done my research, sifted through the nonsensical and now I'm beyond excited to share some of the key trends that invite us to dress ourselves happy!

If you've ever wondered how a fashion trend is made, then here's some insight. Trends can take root in the simplest of ways. I remember when I was at Calvin Klein and Bisou Bisou that many times our inspiration came from the trips that we took abroad, art shows that we attended, and most importantly people-watching...thus, how street fashion gained it position in the fashion arena. Fashion can also get entirely scientific. For instance, WGSN is a think tank of history buffs, sociologists and cultural anthropologists that meet yearly to discuss trends. Economists also jump on the bandwagon forecasting retail shopping habits.

While that's going on, other pros in the textile industry are canvasing coatings, treatments and technological advancements that will impact materials used by designers. Color theory is another powerful influence for the industry. Pantone is the leader of the pack. They comb the world looking for new color influences - their 2019 color pick is Living Coral, a nurturing color of our natural surroundings that also encourages playful expression. Notice that this color description also brings up another trend of DNA influence such as nature. Usually, within the various elements of seasonal criteria, key threads start to emerge. That then becomes the springboard for designers to develop a creative map for the season, complete with mood boards, color and print directions as well as fabric recommendations.

From there, it's time to hit the designer runways at which point trendcasters step in with their predictions. Magazines also offer up a dose of inspiration. And what is the final step? Well, that's when things shift over to the consumers. However, thanks to social media bloggers such as myself, we also get to play a pivotal role in deciding what is truly shoppable for the season.

Now, let's dive into what's hot for Spring Summer 2019!

Puffed Shoulders, Square Necklines and Western Fringe

Bold shoulders aren't necessarily new, but this playful silhouette - sans 80's padding - is quickly rising to the top spot in every fashion girl's closet. Often combined with a square or sweetheart neckline, expect to see lots of gathering at the shoulders and extra puff sleeve volume. I like to style up my favorites with western fringe, another trend that is definitely continuing into 2019.


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Flare Jeans
Flare Jeans
Flare Jeans
Tie Dye Jumpsuit
Tie Dye Shirt
Straw Hat
Straw Hat
Oversized Hat
Bermuda Shorts
Bermuda Shorts
Animal Print Jumpsuit
Animal Print Midi Skirt
Animal Print Shirt Dress
Zebra Print Mesh Dress
Daniella Dress
Priscilla Dress
Western Booties
Embellished Sandals
Embellished Sandals
Pointy Toe Bootie
Calf Hair Bootie
Midi Mesh Zebra Print Dress
Midi Mesh Leopard Print Dress
‘Joanna’ Straw Hat

Animal on the Prowl

Leopard print, snakeskin, zebra print and my personal signature spots, tiger print...they are all strong favorites for the upcoming season. From slinky dresses and skirts to overalls and jeans this versatile print will keep your look on point. Get ready to unleash the animal within.

Photo Credit: Leah Jonas

Leopard 2
Ruffles & Straw Hats
Sensible Shorts & Stripes 2

Ruffles, Straw Hats and Sensible Shorts

Ruffles are one of those rare trends that reimagines itself easily. The bigger the better, ruffles are taking over this Spring. Expect to see this accent on everything from the most feminine dresses to elevated joggers. Likewise, there is an uptick on the demand for straw hats, so make space in your closet pronto. The key is to select a style that works whether you're lounging at the beach or going out to brunch with your girlfriends in the city. Sensible shorts are another fan go-to for the season. Prepare for tailored styles, often knee-length. In fact, I predict shorts are going to outsell skirts for the first time in years.

Photo Credit: Leah Jonas

Fancy Flats

Fancy Flats

Fancy footwear is going to make a huge statement this year. I couldn't be more excited about embellished flats. I love that they amplify an outfit instantly. Update your work style or toss on a pretty pair for the weekend outings. Bedazzled, beaded and sparkly options are yours for the taking.

Photo Credit: Leah Jonas

Oversized hats

Oversized Hats

Remember that trend about straw hats? Well, the more ridiculously oversized, the better. In a way, it's perfect because you're protecting your face and often shoulders too. So, if shielding your body from the sun's harmful rays is a goal then why not look pretty too.

Photo Credit: Christine Weinberg


Tie Dye
Yellow & Scarves

Tie-Dye, Flare Jeans and Yellow

I've always loved a pop of tie-dye, but apparently, this year so do the fashion designers. There's so much to chose from because this trend is hitting everything from maxi dresses to athleisure. Flare jeans are another favorite of mine. I say the wider the flare, the better. But, what's particularly great about this year's flares is that denim construction has upgraded so that silhouettes are so much more flattering to those who need a little extra love in the hip area. And then there's yellow. This epidemic sunshine color already took over winter and it has no intention of slowing down. If you're feeling extra brave than do a double dose of outfit plus footwear.

Photo Credit: Mr. Z


  1. Carrie Craft
    February 1, 2019 / 6:36 pm

    I feel so informed and ready to take on Spring! Thanks for inspiring me in the winter months.

  2. Justina A Krakowski
    February 7, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    I’m excited about sensible shorts. Not everyone can rock the Daisey Dukes! 🙂

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