March Makeup & Meditation Mashup is Happening Now


Happy March friends!!!

I love this month for so many reasons. It’s officially the month I get to start a spring fling, it’s my birthday month (March 31st Aries babe) and best of all it's time for March Makeup & Meditation Mashup!!! Every day for 31 days I'm sharing fantastic mashup tips on my Instagram posts and InstaStories because who said you couldn't look gorgeous on the inside and out.

Why decide to do this? Well, it's no surprise for meditation intersecting with beauty. There is a sense of grace in living a lifestyle of beauty that radiates from within. Cultivate inner beauty by attaining a foundation of self-acceptance, being open-minded, offering kindness to others and expressing love in all its many forms. Yet, understand that caring for your outer beauty and putting effort into how you look is not a sign of weakness. Enjoying the ritual of makeup application, investing in quality skincare and shopping the season's trends are acts of self-love. It's deeply satisfying when you nail the cat eye, achieve a bronzed glow or apply the perfect shade of red to your lips. That confidence can not only boost your mood but also overflow into other areas of your life.

I want you to celebrate being you and seek a foundation that supports your uniqueness in all its many forms.




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Here's a taste of what you've been missing in week one of this March's mashup. Tune into TiffiCraft on Instagram daily to see more posts this month.

Day 1: Affirmation - I am on an ever-changing journey and everything I need to experience comes to me at exactly the right time.

Day 2: Sometimes people tell me that they they want to learn how to meditate but it’s really hard to sit still with the eyes closed for a long time. I totally get that!!! I believe that meditation is about awareness and opening oneself to surrounding energy for recharging. Today I want to share with you an awareness visualization...eyes wide open 👀 Do you remember when you were a kid that there was a game named “I Spy With My Little Eye?” Well, that’s your meditation for 2 minutes. Literally stop whatever you’re doing right now and say these words to yourself. You can do this at home, in the car on the freeway or really wherever you are. The point is to focus and take in your surroundings. What do you observe? How does this make you feel? Tap into your inner child and enjoy the process of trying to spot as many things as you can. After all, life is a game and we get to create our unique story every day. I also added to my slider several of my beauty product favorites.


Day 3: These are my go-to beauty tips to keep my skin lush:

🌀Have a morning routine - Light Cleanse + Hydrating Spray + SPF + Eye Cream + Protective Serum + Moisturizer
🌀Double cleanse at night - 1st to get the makeup off and 2nd to remove residue locked in pores. Follow up with toner, hydrator, eye cream and treatment serums.
🌀 Get some sun - You need vitamin D. It’s good for your bones, good for your mood and good for sleep.
🌀Don’t smoke - Not going to preach but serious wrinkle inducer.
🌀 Stop Eating junk...but eat - 3x balanced meals + healthy snacks.
🌀Hydrate - Drink at least 84 oz daily.
🌀Research your skin - No two faces are created equal.
🌀Don’t whine about budget. There are lots of quality products out there for every budget. I believe that investing in good skincare is an investment in you

Day 4: Cultivate CONFIDENCE. Truly this is the absolute essence of beauty at any age. Confidence comes from within. What you feel inside and your natural authenticity is a reflection of how others will perceive you. When you learn to trust yourself, you reach beyond the outer physical package of beauty. You let go of fear to simply be yourself. You radiate strength, passion, and conviction to be at ease in your own body and literally glow with fullness. Love and respect yourself first because the more you tell yourself that you are beautiful, the more you believe it...and so do others.



Day 5: Five skincare mistakes that you might be making:

🌀 Don’t depend on cleansing wipes to remove your smearing mess of post- makeup lushness. Real cleansing counts.
🌀Don’t wet your skin before you put cleanser on your face. You’re diluting the effectiveness. Massage cleanser in and then add water to wash off.
🌀 Stop thinking your skin needs to breathe and you need to go w/o makeup. Last time I checked your skin doesn’t have a respiratory system friends. Just cleanse properly.
🌀Stop tugging on your eye makeup. Hold and blot. Gently massage lashes and voila - you’re done with no wrinkles.
🌀 Wash your makeup brushes weekly to avoid bacteria buildup - I mean seriously would you use the same dish and fork 7 days a week w/o washing???

Day 6: Inspiration - Your thoughts have to understand one thing: that you are not interested in them. The moment you have made this point you have attained a tremendous victory. Just watch. Don't say anything to the thoughts. Don't judge. Don't condemn. Don't tell them to move. Let them do whatsoever they are doing, any gymnastics let them do; you simply watch, enjoy. It is just a beautiful film. And you will be surprised: just watching, a moment comes when thoughts are not there, there is nothing to watch. This is the door I have been calling nothingness, emptiness. From this door enters your real being, the master. And that master is absolutely positive; in its hands everything turns into gold. ~ Osho

Day 7: Genius Beauty Hacks you want to start doing now!

🌀Nipple Cream For Dry Hands And Elbows: kid you not this is brilliant for getting rid of super dry skin pronto!!! No wonder mommies survive on this magical stuff.
🌀Fish Oil Capsules: this is extremely beneficial for dry, aging skin + supports keeping hair and nails shiny and healthy.
Threading/Tinting Brows Works Better Than Botox: a great pair of brows fames your face and lifts the entire eye area. Attention is taken from the forehead to the eyes instead.
🌀Silk Pillowcases: I can’t live with out mine. Not only do they feel lush, but they also don’t absorb moisture like cotton, so your skin stays more hydrated and you don’t get wrinkles.
🌀Use Preparation H To Ditch Eye Puffiness: Puffy eyes are horrendous let’s face it. Instead of sitting with cold spoons or tea bags just dab some PH and this will instantly go away.
🌀Dryer Sheets: Knock that hair frizz out by running a dryer sheet from root to end. Crazy enough, these also work great as a bug-repellant. Just run all over your exposed skin.
🌀Pepto Bismal Mask: K, I’m not huge on being a pink facial bulb, but a PB mask contains salicylic acid so it tightens your pores, sloughs away dead skin cells/acne and gives serious glow.

Bonus: Journaling Exercise - What things have you done that you're most proud of?

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  1. Carrie Craft
    March 8, 2019 / 8:29 pm

    Loved reading all the tips and advice! I never knew not to wet my face before using cleanser. And I’m totally buying a silk pillowcase!

    You should also write about the deodorant that’s made from the sea salt that neutralizes the bacteria under the armpit.

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